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In the Hip Hop music scene, often are we used to catchy interludes, opulent wealth being showcased, and a beat to make you move your feet…but what happens when the music stops and we are back living the normal reality. Rarely, do we get the conjunction of both worlds, living the everyday life with real challenges while dreaming of that future. Xandre music is real. An authentic, relatable, and faith evoking energy relishing in the motto of survival, persistence, and belief. He is one to watch but most importantly one to listen to. Birth of Hip Hop sits down and chats with Xandre Music on his focus, plans, and how his X marks the spot in a new generation for Hip Hop lyricists.

BOHH: Who is Xandre and what drives him?

XM: Xandre is an undeserving man after God’s heart. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, it almost took my life. God made me a promise while I was on mandatory bed rest, that if I was to be a living & walking testimony and tell the world how he’s healed me, if I used the talents He’s given me to help heal and save his people, He would heal me and rid me of a disease doctors said was impossible to get rid of. That He did. He kept that promise and what drives me is to keep my promise in return.


BOHH: According to your page, you mention you are a Hip Hop Recording Artist for Christ? How is your faith incorporated in your music? What is the message you want listeners to know?

XM: Yes, I rededicated my music career for a deeper purpose, I try my best to not act out of my own will, But God’s will so that I remain successful with every move I make. My faith incorporates through my music by the testimonies I share in some songs. I call them “testimony music”, which I hope someday becomes a new form of a genre. I want my listeners to know there’s a new kingdom rising in this industry that no man can be stopped. Pay close attention and you’ll see a new era is coming as so the end times. 

BOHH: You recently created a podcast called “The Look at God”, what will you be sharing or looking to do discuss with listeners?

XM: Yup, I’m actually already 3 episodes in and preparing for the 4th episode as I write this. I will be sharing my testimonies, struggles, and how I’ve overcome them by focusing on God. Every episode I share is “How when I Look at God”, he shows me evidence of his works in my life and in a world where the majority doesn’t believe a God exists. My listeners will get real-life stories, struggles and practical tips on how to overcome situations they can relate to. My music is one part of my world, this podcast is almost like the behind the scenes.

BOHH:  How does your music differ from your podcast? How are the messages between both alike or different?

XM: My music lyrics are like prayers, hymns, to help you get through tough times in the most relaxing or fun ways where you can just sing along and vibe out. My podcast is more conversational where you’ll feel like you’re a part of a conversation I’m already having. They’re both alike and different at the same exact time because every replay will give you a different experience based on how you’re feeling at the moment, or what type of information you’re seeking to get from each of them.

BOHH: You have a single called “929”, what was the inspiration behind it. Explain the video concept and direction?

XM:929” was a song God gave me while I was on bed rest, I was struggling to write “Christian Friendly” raps and this was my first legit one. The music video is a visual testimony of what I’ve been through to finally get a music video for the song. Long story short, God sent 2 guys from Omaha, Nebraska who came across my music through me winning “ Hottest Fan Picked Track of the Week” via a popular Christian Music Blog named Rapzilla.com . They felt led by God to fly out here to Brooklyn, NY and shoot my music video for Free and I documented the part of the journey to share with my audience. My goal is to show how God’s hands are in my life in hopes to give others hope in knowing if God can do it for me, He surely can do it for you too. Test him. 

BOHH: You mentioned you are a survivor, have there been some personal obstacles or moments in life that you have overcome? What drove you to never give up?

XM: I’ve had many battles, an endless amount of seizures from like age 3 which doctors said I’ll never stop having. But God stopped that, I battled depression and suicide for many years, But God stopped that. One of the biggest battles of my life was with Crohn’s where I was originally 160 lbs when diagnosed then went down to 110 within 3 months and battled keeping weight of 110-115 from ages 15-22. At age 23, I went down to 90 lbs and if I didn’t go to the ER that night that I couldn’t take it anymore, I would’ve been announced dead the next day. I had 7 inches of my small intestines removed where most of the disease lived and since then I’ve been in remission and gaining back my weight.

BOHH: Describe the sound and signature of your music? 

XM: I still haven’t discovered that just yet, I’m not sure I ever will. I’m constantly growing and I haven’t even touched the surface in showing the world what I can do with just music alone. 

BOHH: What is some advice you would like to give to rappers when making sure to commit to the music you produce?

XM: Find your purpose. Find your why. Without those two things, you’ll constantly find yourself in a cycle of wanting to quit and give up when adversity levels up. 

BOHH: Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

XM: Yes, I just released a promo for my upcoming music video/single named “Sharpshooter” where I’m shedding light on Domestic Verbal Abuse. But mostly putting the spotlight on Mother’s. I feel like when we hear the topic of Domestic Abuse we automatically think of Fathers. I want to show that Mother’s can be just as abusive and after taking a toll with my followers via Instagram. I discovered that 90% of my followers have dealt with verbal abuse from their Mothers. I wanted to spark up the conversation in hopes of healing, forgiveness and rekindling a loss relationship with one of the most important people in our lives.

BOHH: Where can we find your music and stay connected?

XM: I try to have my music everywhere, but I’m mostly active on Instagram these days. You can follow me at @XandreMusic 

I’m easy to find on all digital music platforms just search Xandre Music or DM me and I’ll send you a link. Then again… you can also check out my website for direct access to those links at www.XandreMusic.com

This is only the beginning of such an incredible path of survival for Xandre. His imprint is to inspire and through his faith he maps out his future. Like a map with an “X” mark leading him on his mission, he will get there, and the compass…his music.


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