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Top 10 Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Hip-hop music is evolving since the birth of hip hop culture. Needless to say, people from all walk of life admire and love this genre of music. However, every individual has its own favorite song or hip hop artist.

So, let’s explore Top 10 hip hop songs of all time

Sr. NoSong NameArtist NameAlbum Name
1I Used to Love H.E.R.CommonResurrection
2Rapper’s DelightThe Sugarhill GangSugarhill Gang
3The MessageGrandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveThe Message
4Dear Mama2PacMe Against the World
5Lyrics of FuryEric B. & RakimFollow the Leader
6They Reminisce Over YouPete Rock & CL SmoothMecca and the Soul Brother
7The World Is YoursNasIllmatic
8Top BillinAudio TwoWhat More can I Say?
9Fight the PowerPublic EnemyFear of a Black Planet
10Planet RockAfrika BambaataaZulu Nation War Chant

1) I Used to Love H.E.R.

I Used to Love H.E.R. is a popular hip hop song by the well-known rapper Common. This song is from his album Resurrection which was released in 1994.

The song – I Used to Love HER, was a big hit in the hip hop music industry. The success of this song proved that Common’s talent, and style of telling a story was exceptional. The song is also available on Common’s greatest hits album, Thisisme Then.

2) Rapper’s Delight

Rapper’s Delight is a hip-hop song by The Sugarhill Gang and produced by Sylvia Robinson released on September 16, 1979. This song loved and recognized by each and every fan of hip hop genre.” And why not? After all, it has a long-term influence on the culture and people.

3) The Message

The Message a song of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is one of the best work so far. It was released in 1982 on July 1, as a single under the label of Sugar Hill Records. The song was actually the first hip-hop song which describes the harsh realities of inner-city poverty.

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4) Dear Mama

Dear Mama is one of the successful songs by 2Pac, released on February 21, 1995. The song is from his third studio album – Me Against the World (1995). This song was a tribute to his mother in which he described his childhood poverty and justification that despite his mother’ addiction to cocaine his respect and love for his mother overtake bad memories. This song is entertaining like hip hop movies.

5) Lyrics of Fury

Rakim never had to rely on publicity to grab the audience. His unique personality and talent took care of that, and his amazing work – “Lyrics of Fury” one of the top 10 hip hop songs of all time is such example. It was released in 1988 and was recorded with power play studios – a well-known name in New York City.

6) They Reminisce Over You

Pete Rock & CL Smooth dedicated this song -‘They Reminisce over You,’ to their close friend Troy Dixon who died. It was a lead song of their single debut album, Mecca and the Soul Brother and it was released in 1992. The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 at #58 and hit the Hot Rap Tracks chart at #1.

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7) The World Is Yours

The World Is Yours is one of the greatest work of Nas and Pete Rock. It was released in 1994 and it reached #13 on the Hot Rap Singles chart in the same year. The song also mentions drug dealer/crime boss Howard “Pappy” Mason and the serial killer of the Texarkana Moonlight Murders, which went, and even today not it is solved.

8) Top Billin

‘Top Billin’ is a masterpiece of Audio Two. The song of Make It Funky” from the album What More Can I Say? Was released in the year 1987 on 15th of October. Most people are not aware that the song was voted at number #8 in About.com’s Top 100 Rap Songs. And in the year 2012, it was on the list of 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All-Time at 43rd as Rolling Stone’s. Isn’t an achievement?

9) Fight the Power

‘Fight the Power is the greatest song by hip-hop group Public Enemy. The single was released in June 1989 on Motown Records. On Hot Rap Singles It reached at number #1 and on the Hot R&B Singles, it reached at number #20. In the year 1989, It was recognized as the best track by The Village Voice in the Pazz & Jop critics’ poll.

10) Planet Rock

Planet Rock of Afrika Bambaataa was released in 1982. It evolves hip-hop music and became one of the greatest pieces and a revolutionary and ultimately an image of the hip-hop, breakdance, and electronic music cultures.

Final Words

So these are the top 10 hip hop songs of all time that revolutionized the birth of hip hop culture and music.


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