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Top 5 Tips for How to Be a Successful Hip Hop Artist

Hip Hop music is one of the most interesting genres in the music industry and maybe that is why loved and appreciated my almost every youngster. If you are one of those who wants to become a hip-hop artist, here are few tips to become a successful hip hop artist. Let’s find out.


In simple words, marketing is a key to raise the reputation of a brand and its products or services in the public’s mind. Therefore, it is essential for all independent artists to understand the basics of marketing their hip hop music.

Hold on! Here we are talking about “understand effective marketing,” which makes all the difference in the world between success and failure.

You can market your music by hitting up everyone on your social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, or, you can implement effective and a solid marketing strategy and execute it regularly.


A wise man once said – Hard work is the key, when talent doesn’t work hard. According to this saying, it is always possible to get success when you are hardworking and dedicated.

If you explore the stories of most popular rappers, you will understand what it takes to reach new heights.

In addition to devoting long working hours for practice and performing; you also need to put in the hours distributing and promoting the music. You must educate yourself on the business side of things.


Learning is the continuous process, and to succeed in life it is essential to grasp the knowledge as much as possible. Therefore, if you are in the music industry, you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends, skills, and knowledge. You have two options – either hire the right people who have connections and knowledge to help you succeed as an artist or you can choose a DIY approach.

Educating yourself comprehensively on the music business will make a big difference in your success as an Underground Hip-hop artist. Make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals of licensing your content and music publishing, especially if you’re planning to set up your own independent record label. Also look at these 5 things every hip hop artists should work on.


In case you don’t have the experience or time to learn about the music business, then you need to build yourself a strong team to analyze your weaknesses.

Just because you’re an independent artist doesn’t mean you have to take everything on your shoulders. You have only 24 hours in a day, so act smart and allocate tasks and time according to the priority.

With time you need to build up your team, whether it is about hiring a manager, marketing director, lawyer or accountant. You don’t need to hire everyone at the same time, but you should definitely prepare a plan to slowly build up a team as you hit new levels in your recording career.


Nowadays almost every rapper is active on Facebook or Twitter, but all they’re doing is spamming their followers with music links? Any singer has seldom done genuine engagement with fans or real interaction with followers. Unfortunately, most singers or rappers just blindly spamming link after link hoping they’re going to be the next big thing.

If you implement such a strategy it will do more harm than good. So it is advisable to engage with followers on social media instead of spamming links.

Furthermore, it is always advisable to be active and effective on three platforms, rather than on all them and not using them properly.

Bottom Line

Perseverance is key, as you take these steps towards your professional career, it will take steps towards you.  Nothing good in this world comes easy, DO NOT GIVE UP!

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