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On March 31st, the world was at a standstill.  Those who either knew of his musical works or was newly introduced to the rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle, all felt the same, heartbreak. If you were familiar with Nipsey, you were aware of his ongoing support and upliftment to his community in South Los Angeles. His businesses, tech investments, youth outreach, appearances and more, continued to fulfill his goal: reach them, teach them, and lead them.

The Heart of his Hussle was embedded within the community, and the community (and beyond) gave their hearts right back. In addition, the ongoing reports, updates, and coverage of his beautifully emotional homegoing service which took place at the Staples Center in LA on April 12th, what I noticed most throughout these difficult weeks was that the community, both new and old standing strong by him and his family.

Cited from ABC news, Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, who represents Nipsey’s neighborhood in California’s 37th Congressional District, submitted the rapper’s legacy into the congressional record on April 10th.

The record, which chronicles Hussle’s strong contributions and connection to his community, concludes with these words, which Bass also read to lawmakers on the House floor:

“He taught and reminded our community that the power we hold is the power we come from and that awareness of our power is something no one can take from us. Nipsey Hussle will be remembered as a visionary, as a protector, as an inspiration, as a philanthropist, as a father, as a brother and as an unabashed son of South Los Angeles. For all he was given, he gave back. And for that legacy, South Los Angeles has been changed forever.”

A multitude of fans, millions in facts, showcased their own personal contributions to the legacy of Nipsey through such a creative collective. If it was not through music, it was poetry, dance routines, DJing, thoughtfully written pieces. Kids going to their high school prom included an homage to the rapper in their attire, like the back of the tuxedo jacket or wearing a deep shade of blue.

The Nipsey Hussle basketball court was unveiled last week on April 14th. It was presented by the children of the Crete Academy.

The Marathon Continues! As expression through art was a platform that Nipsey supported and developed, it was only right to share these exceptional works by the community who loved him so.

We’ve selected some of the most heartwarming tributes for rapper Nipsey Hussle!

  • Vera Twins @veratwinsart.

  • Dooga Art @dooga_art

  • Painted Prophet @paintedprophet

  • KJ18 @koji2045


Over the weekend of the 27th of April, a mural in a skate park in Hartford, Connecticut dedicated to the memory of Nipsey Hussle was defaced. According to the Rap Up website, it was restored a day later by local rapper and school teacher Joey Batts.

“It was defaced yesterday,” Batts told Fox 61. “A couple of people got word of it and I just thought it was best to fix it.”

Batts also added his own message (“The marathon continues”) next to the portrait of the Crenshaw legend. The mural was originally painted by Connecticut artist Corey Pane shortly after Nipsey’s death on March 31.


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