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TV REVIEW: Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix

Bold, Beautiful, BROOKLYN!

Netflix gave us a full serving of everything Black, bold, and ground breaking on Thanksgiving Day with Spike Lee’s new television series “She’s Gotta Have It.” Given its modern-day remix of the 1986 film, the anticipated series, which garnered mixed reviews, did not stray away from shedding light on today’s issues stemming from sexual assault, feminism, and surviving Trump’s America. Nola Darling, played by newcomer DeWanda Wise, is unapologetic, creating her voice and stance on and off the canvas. A struggling but talented artist living in Fort Greene Brooklyn is committed to making a name for herself in the art world yet struggles to gain the same stability in her relationships. Though some say the character lacks depth, others can agree that Nola Darling showcases a realism while battling her disrespect on her art as well as her body.


As eclectic as the soundtrack for the series is, mixed with dope old school Hip Hop tunes and R & B gems, the same can be said for Darling’s love life. With battling four lovers, one of whom is a single mother, folks think the show talks the talk but doesn’t always walk the walk. Questions pose to viewers that if Darling was attacked on the dark BK streets and verbally assaulted how come her break with intimacy bounced back so quick? If Darling was underemployed and applying to grants for new commissions, how come she bought a $500 little black dress, a quarter of that paid with an Amex card but struggling with her brownstone rent. It’s almost like a DJ playing your favorite song, scratches abruptly, and then changes the tune. We think viewers may have wanted a little more transparency. Nevertheless, and beyond Wise’s “wise” nature (her monologues are dope!) and gleaming smile, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Black Heroin so natural and independent.

Regardless how you feel about the series, it breathes fresh air and is perfect to binge on after that Thanksgiving grub. Hungry for it? Be sure to check out all 10 episodes on Netflix, available to watch now.


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