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RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Beat Street in Jersey City


Hip Hop and Hot food has been redefined! Birth of Hip Hop is all about contemporary synergies between the arts and Beat Street restaurant does just that. Celebrated chef Darryl Harmon and businessman Howard Brunner have teamed up to open (July 2017) this vivacious 100-seat restaurant, lounge, bar and performance space. Located in the revitalized art district in Jersey City, the restaurant reflects an homage to the 1984 classic Hip Hop movie with infused cuisines with dope names! The street art and space designed by New York artist, Ivan Orama, takes us back in time with his cultural murals from the 80s. Beat Street give Hip Hop justice without a performance platform to showcase HIP HOP! The concept development and setting goes to KC Macias, known for staging the hottest events, took classic aspects of Hip Hop for an ultimate exclusive experience. Elements of the restaurant feature a table in the image of a Wu Tang Clan cassette and old subway grittiness to the mean beat streets on New York. Food so appropriately coined for breakfast, lunch, and dinner such as the Rocka’ Falafel Waffle or the Biggie Bites.

This triple threat establishment gives diners everything you need: Great vibes, food, and culture! We can only hope the multiple locations are in the works to show folks just how versatile Hip Hop can be!

Beat Street

150 Bay St.
Jersey City, New Jersey 07302



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