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Perception of Hip Hop around the World


Hip-hop was a means of keeping it real in a world which was turning a bit biased in relation to what the people at the grassroots were going through. Hip-hop has been known to have an integrity at its core and that is where it started to differ from most of the pop-phenomenon.
Most people do art and sometimes they do it for money, however, hip-hop was a movement where people wanted to go out of their environment and achieve things, they wanted to express a piece of their identity. So they created a demonstration of that identity in a form of a music genre. That’s how it grew to be such a significant part of the culture.

Hip-hop proliferates like DJ Kool Herc with his innovation, The Cold Crush Brothers who rapped over minimalist beats in a declamatory style.
Another name that is associated with hip-hop evolution is Big daddy Kane who was proficient in firing up phrases without dropping a beat.
Where some hip-hop artists are known as preachers and some known to be seducers, KRS-One was a barrister who argued with verve and enthusiasm!
Hip-hop is resilient! There was a time when people had said that hip-hop won’t last for much longer as a genre. Now you cannot imagine a music world without this very genre.
Hip-hop is accessible. Anyone who has rhyming skills can rap away their story to be heard. This genre is not rigid too as some might believe.
People could just mold it to their own region or give it a global touch. Their Choice! There is also this perception that hip-hop is a successful medium for social change.Hip-Hop has become a dominant force in the American and Global pop culture. Once a local art form of street stories and freestyle poetry, the hip-hop sound, style, and slang now provides incitement for mainstream movies, television, radio, fashion, advertising, news media and of course, The Internet.

BOHH films a series of street interviews with people from all over the world and their perception of Hip Hop. The consensus is that people worldwide will be engaged in Birth Of Hip Hop Original Series.

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