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If you love everything to do with hip hop fashion and music then we have just the treat for you. At BOHH, we give you a sneak peek of some of our most popular hip hop original series that are doing all the rounds in the world of hip hop. The World Will Be Watching covers the popularity of international hip hop culture and the frenzy that it has created around the world. Although the series mainly consists of interviews with hip hop fans from all around the world, it gives the viewer a unique and in-depth look at the both the glamorous and underground hip hop world which also includes hip hop music and hip hop fashion.

Or better still, if you want to know the origin of hip hop and how the whole concept was conceived then you should watch “The Phrase coined Hip Hop” which gives you a unique insight into the earliest developing years of what we now know as international hip hop culture. “Itching For a Scratch” follows a somewhat different narrative as it follows the journey of a young boy of eleven years who accidentally scratches a record and discovers a new idea in the world of music. The boy goes on to hone his newly discovered talent to become a popular disc jockey. BOHH also features a behind-the-scenes series that gives you an interesting insight into the “Itching For a Scratch” original series and acquaints you with the great minds and artists who conceived the idea and then breathed life into it.

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And if you’re looking for something more upbeat then “Ninja Shanghai” is sure to get you on your feet. The series covers the night life of Ninja Shanghai Hip Hop club, one of the most popular hip hop clubs in China which is known for its latest soundtracks from the popular music genre. So, whether you want to know about the birth of hip hop or the popular sentiment of hip hop fans around the world, Birth of Hip Hop original series are the perfect treat for you to binge on in your leisure time!

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