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#BlackPantherChallenge: NY Visionary empowers the community to get involved for the youth!

NY Visionary, Frederick Joseph, empowers the community to get involved for the youth!

BLACK HISTORY MONTH is devoted to showcase and educate the community on the leadership in our community, with that in mind and more, Birth of Hip Hop must shed light on the activism and the work that Frederick Joseph is doing. What’s incredible is the reasoning behind his mission: to provide Black children in New York and even abroad with the opportunity to watch the Black panther movie. Due to the importance of what the movies represents, the power, opulence, and the vision of Black Kings and Queens saving the world as superheros…it’s with assurance that we say that Frederick Joseph is the Superhero that these children will look up to and learn from. He’s ours as well!

With respect to his words, Joseph spoke to TODAY PARENTS and stated “It’s my opinion that inclusion and representation really are fuel for children to dream — not just to dream, but to dream big,”…”It’s important that young people see themselves in roles they couldn’t even imagine… for a little girl to see herself as Wonder Woman, or for a young child of color to see himself as the leader of Wakanda.”

New York native, Frederick Joseph, is a marketing consultant dedicated to giving the opportunity to 300 children from the Boys & Girls club in Harlem to watch the premiere of the anticipated movie “Black Panther”, scheduled to be released on Feb. 16th. His decision led him to launch a Go Fund Me campaign to raise enough money for the children to go see the Black Panther this month. In five days, the campaign was able to raise $30,000 thanks to generous donations from notable individuals such as Chelsea Clinton and the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams.

As important as this truth about the black experience is, it is not us in totality. We were also kings and queens and royalty in Africa. We invented products and created art that made America what it is today. Visibility and representation must mean showing the losses and the wins, the bad and the good, and, most importantly, blackness existing in all spaces, real and fantasy.” – Frederick Joseph

Joseph’s campaign has started a nationwide conversation on how people of color or represented and the importance of the Black youth to witness these historic creations (movements) of movie such as the Black Panther. Now noted as the largest campaign for an entertainment event/experience in GoFundMe History, support is still coming in by the day from influencers, artists, and communities alike.

He has gained support from Hip Hop artist Snoop Dogg and appeared on the Ellen show along with the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman.

Donate to the campaign HERE:


See the Black Panther trailer BELOW!

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