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Hip Hop and the Chinese Connection

Ninja Shanghai Hip Hop Club

is one of China’s Hottest & Best Hip Hop, Night Life Experiences. Located 2/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu 襄阳北路1号2楼, 近巨鹿路, 10 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd,

Ninja Shanghai is rocked with a sonic blast of the latest Hip Hop Sounds. If you’re a fan of the all-around hip-hop party, then look no further. Ninja Shanghai is really special when it comes to hip-hop, The music is always on point and the crowd is as lively as it can get in Shanghai. This “Hot Spot” always has people anxiously waiting to get inside.

In China, the authorities have banned the depictions of everything pertaining to hip hop culture. The banning activities were almost proliferated after the huge success of a TV competition named “The Rap of China”. The ground defined for the banning activities was that it promoted “immoral behavior”.

The hip hop artists have shown immense strength at the wake of such strict activities by starting to bypass the regulations. They have started to use more positive rhetoric in their lyrics. There are also some instances, where the regulations have compelled the hip hop artists to censor their own content by themselves.

Most of the Chinese hip hop artists are being supported by the platforms beyond the reach of Great Firewall! Promoters like Zhong TV and YouTube have helped these artists to in acquiring considerable fan following. These platforms have unearthed some of the really cool Chinese hip hop artists for the world to see and listen. These artists have made China look cool!

Four guys from Sichuan Province, known as The Higher Brothers, have been quite smooth in erasing preliminary skepticism regarding the China’s hip hop potential. These guys have gathered international fan following, and were aided by 88 Rising which is a New-York based company that has sought to promoting Asian artists to the international audience.

Gai is another notable Chinese hip hop figure who has given various hits for the past 3 years; his hits include a song where he demonstrated his old life as a gangster.

China’s TV competition, The Rap of China, is a crucial platform to give rise to its budding hip hop artists. In order to make its place in China, hip hop artists need to start incorporating references to its own culture rather than imitating that of the west. It’s the only way they can make a space for themselves in the worldwide hip hop arena.

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