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Naomi LaGoddess

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Introducing Naomi LaGoddess

BOHH – So tell us who you are.

NLG – My name is Naomi. I am known for my brand as NaomiLaGoddess.

BOHH – Where are you from? 

NLG -I am originally from a small city in the country side of Northern California called Marysville.

BOHH – How did it begin for you? (dance abilities)

NLG – I originate from a family of dancers, that’s where my love of just rhythm and music in general derived from.  This was when I learned the correct terminology of this movement as “Dance”. I always referenced it as a form of expression!

BOHH – How did Hip Hop begin? (your theory)

NLG – Hip-Hop is not necessarily as something that “begun” in my life as I should say, it was always implanted in my DNA. It’s the means for my existence. I believe it’s something that I was born in to and it took Dance for me to recognize the culture of Hip Hop and from there it molded its way into my life, as I Dance I am speaking my story! Hip hop is my life story!

BOHH – How did Hip Hop Dance begin to manifest in your work.

NLG – I would say that Hip Hop and Dance correlates my unique style. It separates me individually because it’s about being able to form a unforgettable presence through my art. As dance played a huge role in my childhood I also went through years of dance training and from there I learned to take the fundamentals of my training and use it as a tool to incorporate my own style of movement (hip hop) to develop my own “genre” in dance. I’m versatile in styles.

BOHH – Who was your inspiration?

NLG – I went through a plethora of inspirations some of them aren’t even dancers I just admire their attitude/charisma and it helped me develop my character and challenge my dancing. Right now at this moment in my life my huge inspiration is Casually Reggie. Not only is he my inspiration he’s my mentor/teacher. I’m getting into animation and true flow of dance and he’s helped me become stronger as a self taught dancer. I’ve entered into another realm of dance that I’m excited to manifest and it’s because of his direction I am immensely grateful for.

BOHH – What inspired you to begin Dance?

NLG – Not too many people know this about me but I first started playing the drums at 3 years old and I was quite talented too. From there the discovery of dance was brought to my attention from my sister who taught me some moves when I was younger as well. Those two concepts of my history combined together I learned this dance style called “step dancing” or “stomping.” Something about the rhythm of a beat it speaks to my soul and the feeling of it feels good so I express that feeling through my dance. Dance is literally a language.

BOHH – When did you begin to express your work on the Streets?

NLG – My second year living in the DMV out of this year being my fifth is when I decided to take my dancing as a serious profession. It has introduced me to a whole new lifestyle of the art world which has excelled my career to where it is today! I’ve met so many artists/creatives in the entertainment industry and it’s because of my dancing that I am able to establish these rapports with these people because it’s our designated crafts that’s brought us together to create an immaculate project for the world to enjoy and that’s what the streets have taught in return of me putting out my gift. It’s like the universal law of attraction. That ish is REAL.

BOHH – What was your signature style?

NLG – I started with step dance and liturgical style -praise dancing, hip-hop. Studied ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, lyrical, African- cultural dance, theatrical/broadway,(I went to a performing arts school which I had to audition to be apart of and it offered all of this training). In college, I did band dancing/cheer/krump style dancing. Once I moved to the DMV I was introduced to the raw talent, true street/swag dancing and I’m still developing it. Also I can fire dance, yes, actual fire!  This is how I transitioned into a self-taught dancer.

BOHH – What are some of your greatest exploits as a Dancer

NLG – The highlights of my dance life thus far is performing in nightclubs, shows, events, broadways musicals, competitions, battles, music videos, benefit concerts, and so much more that I can’t think of at this moment. But my major accomplishment is the fact that dance has introduced me to the life of modeling and I am forever grateful for that because it’s an aspiration of my mine that I didn’t even think I would fall in love with in my lifetime.

BOHH – What is Hip Hop to you?

NLG – Forget the music for just a second and just feel where I’m going with this.. Hip hop to me is a way of life. it is the means of what makes you the person that you are at this moment. It’s your story!  It’s a testament that an individual constructs formulating a higher purpose! It’s finding a reason for your existence! Obtaining your mission! Hip hop is who you are uniquely which separates you from the masses and at the same time which connects us all as one forming a magnetic bond so powerful, so beautiful! That in between from what I previously mentioned, that balance, is hip hop, we all have it inside of us that’s our truth and it’s there’s for us to discover, share and unify the world!

BOHH – Presently, Where are you Creatively ?

NLG – I am constantly on the move, I strive to stay busy and elevate my brand by any means necessary. (Lol.) I’m never still I’m always camouflaging somewhere. I’m a Chameleon. I’m actually getting ready to travel back to California for family time— I’m looking forward to it!

BOHH – What does the Future have in store for you?

NLG – I can say that the universe is molding me incredibly and I’m so excited to show the world what I’m stirring up. I can’t quite say exactly what’s in store because I rather you all witness for yourselves but it’s something that I wouldn’t want to miss if I wasn’t me! Like for real, just know you have the power to be anything you ever want in life (physically,mentally,spiritually,superhuman, reality…) I am going to show you all exactly what I mean soon enough! It’s all in the right timing!

BOHH – What do you feel about the concept of Birth of Hip Hop?

NLG – My good friend told me his vision of BOHH and I told him then and I will say it now, I’m so proud of his journey in creating this platform! It’s a healthy perspective that has outstanding potential to inspire so many people to not only be proud of who they are but to push them to be their ultimate best in whatever lifestyle they choose! This movement was created to broadcast creativity and I feel that it will empower people all over the world! I support BOHH 100 percent! I am honored to be apart of this Hip Hop History!



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