Birth of Hip Hop Music

Hip hop first came into public attention in the 80s and rapidly grew in popularity through the 90s. Since then, hip hop music and the rhythmic rhyming speech that traditionally accompanies it has become so popular around the world that it has become somewhat of a culture in itself. In its formative years, the development of hip hop music was bolstered by the shared curiosity and eagerness of the people to learn the new dance form. It is in these years that pioneers of hip hop like DJ Kool Herc awed massive crowds with their fusion of rap and old songs using the classic turntable.
Today, contemporary DJs continue to experiment new forms of expression in hip hop music through fusion of different genres of music. However, what gives hip hop its unique attribute are the distinct continuous flow of music and the breakbeat that get listeners up and grooving to the catchy beat. With time, dance forms emerged that perfectly complimented this form of continuous music and this is how the culture of hip hop music became so popular around the world. Today, it's easily the most popular form of music.
In fact, the international hip hop culture is so popular that it even has an underground following where emerging artists of the genre can share their unconventional talent with a more accepting audience. With the passage of time, some of these stars have emerged on the forefront and have been widely accepted by the global hip hop loving community. Hip hop music is perhaps the only form of musical expression that has become so popular around the world that it has bridged the gap between people from different countries or cultures. It is no wonder then why the music continues to gain widespread popularity around the world.
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