5 years ago

Migos – Culture II

“2018 seems light-years away from the time when Migos felt so implored to stake a claim in hip-hop that they’d call their sophomore album Culture. And yet, Migos Culture II arrives only a year after its predecessor Migos Culture Album, Migos having fully established themselves as three of the most influential voices in rap. This latest offering is a flex, the group delivering no less than 24 tracks of their signature multisyllabic, baton-passing raps.

The party starters are here (“Walk It Talk It,” “Auto Pilot”), but they’ve allotted themselves room to experiment, as on the funky Pharrell collab, “Stir Fry,” and Kanye West coproduction, “BBO (Bad Bitches Only),” built on a triumphant horn riff. Migos’ output just prior to Culture II may be what made them into superstars, but if their first offering of 2018 proves anything, it’s that there’s plenty more where that came from.

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