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Kendrick Lamar puts POLITICS FIRST in his Grammy performance this past Sunday. Opening up with the electric display of the American flag waving as silhouettes emerged on stage. As a slew of male dancers stood like porcelain dolls covered with heavy clothes imprinted in camouflage that barely showcased their face, one would automatically assume, this performance, is intended to bring “something” to the forefront. Similar to soldiers standing in place on the field, viewers awaited to see what exactly was about to happen next. Kendrick submerged from center stage spitting a freestyle, that if you didn’t rewind 2x or 3x, would miss the potency of what was being said…a narrative, a reality, about being a black man.  Shortly words appeared on the screen displaying “This is a Satire by Kendrick Lamar.” Featuring appearances by legendary UK band U2 and a brief but necessary interruption by comedian Dave Chapelle, the underlying theme remained…this is a not simply a story of being a black man in America, this is an honest story of man unafraid to say “I am a Black man…in America.”

See the full performance below

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