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Hip Hop and Grassroots Fashion

Creative Misfits


BOHH presents Hue lounge DC

Hip-hop fashion has created a name for itself and now goes by the name of big fashion. It firstly originated from African American and the inner circles of the New York City. Recently, a creative band of rebel rousers aspiring to excel in creating music and clothes held an audio-visual exploration presented at The Uptown Art House. It’s a pop-up community creative space and hub for grassroots activists and artists throughout the DC area.

Blends of networking, fun and pure entertainment, these misfits have produced stunning works of interactive visual art with and without a cause all highlighted by hip-hop.

This talent showcase of clothing and photography expresses how Hip-hop influences their lives.

There are several rappers out there that rap away about Louis belts, Goyard Bags, and Raf Simons etc. Lately, however, the rappers have started to incorporate solely hip-hop artists/designers in their music. With this trend of hip-hop influencing the fashion, it will not only fuel the music genre to new audiences but will also work the other way to propagate a full-on culture of hip-hop.

We asked people about how hip-hop has influenced their lives. And they were pretty much along the same page: drastically! Hip-hop has seeped into the very fabric of their lives. They live it! Breathe it! One went far enough to say that hip for him was like being born again. It gave them a new life; a hope. And that what those rousers were doing; bringing hope into the community through hip-hop and blending it with the new-born lifestyle and that too at the grassroots level coz that’s where the change starts!

Hip Hop Event in Washington DC captured by Birthofhiphop.hiphop

Emmanuel/Manny- Creator and President

Ryan Co-creator and VP

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