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How to Get Your Hip Hop Music Posted On Popular Blogs

As a hip-hop artist, simply making music and putting it out there for the world isn’t sufficient any longer. Innovation has made it simple for anybody to buy the fundamental gear and turn into an artist. Not just has this made advancing your music more troublesome, it’s made getting your music highlighted in hip-hop blogs like HotNewHipHop, Complex Music, Birth of Hip HopFakeshore Drive, and then some – more outlandish.

Many upcoming hip-hop artists are making similar mistakes like utilizing nasty “mass-informing” procedures. What? You are one of them. No worries! Here are few methods to emerge from the group to make your music highlighted.

1. Verify the Blog Accepts Music Submissions

You need to find out if the blog owner accepts the music blog submission or not. Otherwise, it will waste the blog owner/editor’s time and you may lose respect if they don’t accept submissions. Explore the blog’s contact page and see if they have any info related to music submissions. Most blogs post related information on the contact page if they do accept submissions. You can also look at their blog section and see if they’ve ever posted any other Hip Hop artist music.

2. Build A Relationship With The Owner/Editor

Building a sincere relationship with the website editor or owner will put you ahead of hundreds of unknown names that are in touch with them. They’ll be happy to help you succeed. That’s one of the reasons you should be networking in Hip Hop.

A real success is the one that exists on multiple levels and which is impossible without building great relationships. How you treat other people play a key role in your success. Kindness, regard, and respect are the key ingredient to build a relationship with clients, customers, and leaders.

3. Only Submit Exclusive, Unreleased Music

According to experts, the more your music is noticed, the more likely the website owner will want to promote your hip hop music blog on his site in the future. The more views he gets, the popular his site becomes. Share your post regularly on social media and ask your friends and family to do the same. Create your own website and post about this blog’s feature on your website. You can also send an email out to your email contact list informing them about your new music and link to the music submission post.

4. Measure the Success

Measuring the success and results from having your song promoted as underground hip hop blog on their website is essential. In the end, this allows you to calculate a “return on investment” (ROI).

A positive ROI is the main aim, however, there are few circumstances where a break even, or even negative ROI is OK.

You can request the blog owner to add a link to your website inside of the blog. In this way, you will be able to track the people who click on your website from the post (You need to install Google Analytics).

5. Acknowledge The Hip-Hop Blog / Editor

You should acknowledge the hip-hop blog for featuring you on the website. By showing some gratitude and respect ultimately help you in building a healthy relationship with the owner and editors. In the end, people help you become successful, not stats.

Final Thought

These are a few strategies that can help you to get your music on hip hop blogs. Also will increase your credibility by featuring on the digital platform.

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