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How Police Brutality effects the Hip Hop Community

Police Brutality and its effects on the Hip Hop CommunityBlack Lives Matter protesters march

Hip Hop music and culture has continually been a source of creative expression. The term was used to include all elements such as graff, breaking, MC, Djing, fashion, and knowledge. You can say some of the vernacular in Hip Hop rap music can be deemed as offensive, however it gives a voice to millions living in a nation with deep roots of racism and injustice. 

Since the advent of videos features on cell phones, Police brutality is being captured rearing its lethal head against African Americans. On May 25, George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by Officer Derek Chauvin. The then-fired officer kept kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes even when Floyd kept pleading to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Video surveillance shows the officer unlawfully pulling Floyd out of his car and manhandling him. However, gave no resistance and repeated warnings by witnesses present at the scene did not bulge the officer, who it seemed was enjoying himself in showcasing his power and authority. Where is the justice in that? Why witness injustice murder again and again. Officers are abusing their power against the Black American citizens they swore to protect.

The effects of police brutality aren’t just limited to what happened in Minneapolis, but is felt over the world. The Black Live Matter Movement in US have taken place in over 400 cities in all 50 states. Internationally BLM spread up to 50 countries, one every continent except Antarctica.   

The Hip Hop Community

The Hip-Hop community, outrage by George Floyd’s death, illustrates unity with a common purpose. A purpose to fight racism and injustice. A Facebook live video from LL Cool J expressed his anger on police brutality.


Various Hip-Hop artists over the years have mentioned the hostility against Black Americans and minorities in their lyrics. Young mogul Donald Glover released a music video back in 2018 called “This Is America”. It addressed the issue of gun violence and longstanding discrimination against African-Americans.

Similarly to Ice Cube, he also addressed numerous references to harassment and violence growing up black in America. 

Hip Hop seems to be a cathartic outlet for the oppression, inequality, racism, poverty and police brutality. Anybody can express their experiences and views on the matter. America, it seems have nurtured an environment that some people might refer as “the culture of violence”.

The Social Media Presence

The Hip-Hop community has come out on social media to voice their concerns and response to the murder of George Floyd. Various artists such as Diddy, Snoop Dog and Cardi B vented their rage at the incident, calling out the police and the system as corrupt and racist. Kehlani also went onto to Twitter and tweeted “death to the badge”. 

Recently, various hashtag such as #icantbreathe in memory of George Floyd. 

However, No matter how we think justice should occur. The one thing that everyone should agree on is that we need to stop the brutality, racism and oppression. For the sake of everyone before it’s too late. Please share and comment your opinion down below.

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