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Funky 4 plus 1 Induction Ceremony at The Hip-Hop Museum DC

Funky 4 plus 1 was the first MCee group. Also, the first MC group that released records commercially. The Legendary MC group consisted of DJ Breakout, K.K. Rockwell, Keith Keith, Sha Rock, Lil’ Rodney Cee, Jazzy Jeff and Raheim, who later left to join Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. Raheim reflects on the creation of the Funky 4. Furthermore, he explains the pause-button Era before Djing. Sha Rock talks about pioneering the multi billion dollar era we know today as hip hop. “We held down New York and started the battle culture”. They are one of the most influential old-school hip-hop groups. Having been sampled by a wide assortment of later hip-hop artist. The every essence of hip hop culture, Funky 4 + 1 Interview is a Must Watch! to all things hip hop.

“We were the first MC Group” -Funky 4 plus 1

Funky 4 +1 receives special induction into the Hip Hop Museum DC. Founded by Jeremy Beaver, owner of Listen Vision Recording Studio in Washington DC. To honor and induct legendary pioneers in all aspects of Hip Hop culture is HHMDC mission however, it is a pop-up experience. Above all, is their largest collection of Hip-Hop memorabilia and artifacts in the world.

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