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40 Hands-On Exercises: Practical activities designed to enhance your songwriting and music production skills.

Interactive Checklists: Step-by-step guides to keep you organized and on track throughout your musical journey.

Bonus Music Video Chapter: Learn how to create captivating music videos to complement your songs.

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Discover how the upgraded paperback and hardcover editions of ‘From Creation to Distribution’ can take your musical journey to the next level. Watch this exciting video to see all the enhanced features, including interactive exercises, detailed checklists, and the bonus music video chapter.



of Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Workbook

40 Engaging Exercises for Mastery

Transform Your Skills with Hands-On Activities Immerse yourself in dynamic, hands-on exercises crafted to deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills in songwriting, music production, and distribution. Each activity is designed to be practical, engaging, and transformative.

Comprehensive Checklists

Never Miss a Beat with Our Checklists Stay organized and on track with detailed checklists that ensure you retain essential information and complete each step of your musical journey with confidence.

Build Your Perfect Home Studio

Create Your Ultimate Home Studio
Discover how to design and build an efficient home studio tailored to your needs. From acoustics to equipment selection, we provide step-by-step guidance to help you create a professional setup on any budget.

Master Visual Storytelling

Bring Your Music to Life with Stunning Videos Learn the art of visual storytelling and how to produce captivating music videos that complement and enhance your songs. Unlock the secrets to creating compelling narratives through visuals.

Equipment Breakdown & Budgets

Plan Your Gear with Confidence
Get a detailed breakdown of all the essential equipment for music production, along with estimated budgets. Plan your purchases smartly and make informed decisions to build your ideal setup.

Effective Promotion Strategies

Amplify Your Reach with Proven Promotion Tactics
Discover powerful strategies to share and promote your music across various platforms. From social media hacks to streaming service tips, learn how to build your audience and gain recognition.

Safeguard Your Creations

Protect Your Music and Intellectual Property
Learn how to copyright your songs and protect your intellectual property. Ensure your creations are legally safeguarded in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Join a Vibrant Community

Connect with Fellow Aspiring Musicians
Become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Share your journey, exchange tips, and find inspiration and support as you progress through your musical path.

Additional Resources for Success

Unlock Bonus Resources and Insights
Dive into a wealth of additional resources, including industry insights, expert tips, and bonus chapters. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to excel in every aspect of your music career.

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what our readers are saying

cassandra smith From A Hobby to A Career

A lot of people have a talent that is not realized until someone inadvertently hear them play an instrument or sing a song and a light bulb goes off. Unfortunately, that’s where it generally stops because they do not know what step(s) to take next. This book is an excellent guide to taking the next from being a casual performer to building a career and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Christina Great book!

This is an excellent, quick-read on how to get started with music. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend checking it out!

saba masihuddin Wealth of knowledge

Awesome highly recommended, i can tell the author has implemented decades of information and experiences. Must have for anyone, from artists to producers. 5 stars all the way.

brenda Love it!!

This book is very informative and descriptive of the guidelines you need to make a dynamic recording. All the instructions on how to enhance and put sound effects in your music is in this book. This book made music and recording fun and exciting to make… buy it!! It’s worth it!!!

Quandra Washington Music

With me having a daughter who loves music, I need to learn the fundamentals. This book provided me with the resources I needed. I am ready and prepared! Love this book!

Kat M. Wow!!!

This book offers practical advice and insights for aspiring musicians, guiding them through the process of writing and producing their own music effectively and creatively. Nice job!

Pamela Coulton Excellent Book

"Cortez McKay's 'From Creation to Distribution' is an invaluable guide for aspiring musicians. With a comprehensive approach, McKay navigates the intricacies of music creation, production, and release. Practical insights, coupled with re

Ebony Packed Full of Info for the Aspiring Song Writer/Producer

"Cortez McKay's 'From Creation to Distribution' is an invaluable guide for aspiring musicians. With a comprehensive approach, McKay navigates the intricacies of music creation, production, and release. Practical insights, coupled with re

Unlock Your Creative Journey

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Get ready to elevate your career as a performing artist, songwriter, or music producer. Get your hands on this comprehensive workbook, available in both paperback and hardcover. Dive deep into 40 hands-on exercises, interactive checklists, and bonus chapters on music video production.This guide provides detailed insights, practical advice, and insider tips from industry experts.

Paperback $19.99 / Hardcover $24.99

Invest in your future for the price of a couple of sandwiches. Start your great career in the music industry today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The free eBook offers a concise overview of the songwriting, production, and distribution process, providing valuable insights and initial steps. The Workbook, on the other hand, is a comprehensive, in-depth guide that includes 40 interactive exercises, detailed checklists, and step-by-step instructions to help you fully master each stage of your musical journey.

Yes, absolutely! To ensure you succeed, the Workbook is packed with interactive exercises and detailed checklists that guide you through every step of the process. By following these exercises and completing the checklists, you'll be taking major steps towards writing, producing, and releasing your own music. As long as you execute the tasks outlined in the book, you will be well on your way to achieving your musical goals.

Yes, "From Creation to Distribution" is tailored for both novices and seasoned musicians. The step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises make it accessible for beginners, while the comprehensive content and advanced tips will benefit experienced musicians looking to refine their skills.

Yes, the Workbook includes a special chapter dedicated to music video production. It guides you through planning, shooting, and editing your own music videos, whether you're using a smartphone or professional equipment, ensuring you can bring your musical vision to life visually.

The Workbook provides detailed equipment breakdowns and budgeting tips to help you set up your home studio. You can start with basic gear, such as a midi keyboard, microphone, audio interface, and a computer with digital audio workstation (DAW) software, and gradually build your setup as you progress. The emphasis is on simplicity and affordability, ensuring that you can create a professional recording space without breaking the bank.