Birth of Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance emerged almost at the same time as hip hop music and both forms of expression have become equally popular over the years. Just like hip hop music, hip hop dance too has evolved into many different forms like funk and breakbeat. At BOHH, we give you an in-depth insight into the world and Birth of hip hop dance, explaining its origin and how it has evolved in different regions of the world into diverse dance forms. These dance forms have then become equally popular around the world. First up, we take a look at “Cyfer”, a BOHH original series that is a real-life depiction of the pioneers of hip hop and bboying who would go to crowded parties that were inspired by the breakbeat genre of hip hop and display their tremendous dancing skills before a frenzied crowd of hip hop fans.
“Genesis of Dance” is another original series of BOHH that takes a look at the earliest pioneers of dance in remote regions of Africa where the nomads discovered rapping and b boying video by talking while music was playing. The documentary captures the essence of the dance and explains how it initially developed as a totally new style of dance and most unique way of expression, transforming over the years into what we know today as hip hop dance.

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Breakdance and Bboying are incredibly popular dance forms today and are so versatile that they can go with virtually any type of pacy music. However, the main achievement is not how tremendously it has evolved over the years but how it has brought different people and cultures together as one. At BOHH, we appreciate the tremendous contributions that hip hop dance has made to the worldwide community and celebrate the evolution of this art into various forms of expression.

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