#Paint the Store Front- Art Exhibition


#Paint the Store Front- Art Exhibition

Luther Wright is heading up a worthy and ambitious project Paint the Store Fronts Exhibition for the DC Arts Community. "It will be even more of an experience".


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$5,000.00Funding goal
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Campaign Story

Luther Wright is heading up a worthy and ambitious project Paint the Store Fronts Exhibition for the DC Arts Community. "It will be even more of an experience".


I like to challenge the boundaries of traditional painting and merge old formal techniques with new modern techniques, creating my own genre of art.  I consider myself an explorer of the visual Arts,  alike my idol Bruce lee, my style is to have no style at all. Exploring new ways to use color, texture and strives to create interesting compositions within my work. I want to  exhibit memorable works of art not confined to museums but to the community I serve.

#Paint the Store Front will be a Art Exhibition Event culminating the beauty of colorful Murals that reflects the signs of our times and Paintings of uplifting messages on participating Store Fronts as the canvass, and also a lot of vacant and boarded up storefronts. The exhibit will be "more so"  an appreciation for the community and how the community has supported the arts and me as an artists.

#PTSF is a vehicle to giving back to the community and just pay tribute to all the businesses that also supported me throughout COVID as a full time artist. If it wasn't for them and their love for the city and the community, we wouldn't have this platform, I just want to make the exhibit more of an experience.

Acknowledging COVID 19 Guidelines

The Exhibit will ultimately also be exhibited on Canvass Paintings in a Gallery, by following strict CDC Covid guidelines for indoor events, people can also purchase some of these works.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet or more
  • A minimum of 25 at a time intervals
  • Providing exclusive and artistic masks to wear and take home a souvenirs

Experience the Exhibit Remotely

For a lot of people that weren't able to go out and see my murals in person. We will live stream the events so people can watch in the safety of their homes and even make purchases online.

I'm inspired from everyday situations, people, social media, the youth, as well as visions from my dream and meditative state. I believes while dreaming and meditating we are able to enter other dimensions and parallel universes as artists.

We have the ability to bring those visions back into this existing plane for others to experience in the form of art. 
Art is captured energy and since energy is never lost just transferred Art can be used as an interface for energy .

Luther Wright Studio 360 Virtual reality view.

How will the money be spent?

All funds raised will contribute towards:
    • Materials (Paints, Brushes, etc.)
    • Canvasses, Marketing Material
    • Creative labour (estimated to span a year)
    • Filmed Documentation

Contribute by purchasing a Art Piece for yourself.

  • Contribute by purchasing a T-Shirt for yourself AND a friend.
  • Contributions over $5 receive a Post Card
  • and more!

FREE Ways To Help

  • Help us spread the word by SHARING this project on your Facebook timeline.
  • COPY THIS LINK: https://bit.ly/2HuLlfF
  • Email, text, or call your tarot enthusiast friends and let them know about this limited edition Lithograph Prints

Timeline - March 2021

I look forward to being able to fulfill these perks as early as possible. Most Artworks will be Printed per order, I appreciate your patience while they are being shipped to us.

Can’t Contribute,

Don't worry! You can still help me by sharing this page and getting the word out. I really appreciate you checking out my campaign and helping me reach my goal. Check out my site here: http://lwartsanddesign.com

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