The Global Perspective
1 year ago

The Global Perspective

After emerging from Sub Cultures in the streets of the Bronx, NYC in the 1970s, Hip-Hop has become a dominant force in American and Global Pop Culture. Once a local Art Form of Street Stories and Freestyle Poetry, the unique Hip-Hop sound, style and slang now provides the motivation for mainstream movie makers, teleivision, radio, fashion, advertising, the news media and of course, the internet to all seek and try to capture the Authentic backdrop of the Hip-Hop Movement.

Our¬†desire is to chronicle the stories of it’s Icons of Creative and innovative pioneers and feature the broad conglomomerate of artistic forms of self expression originated from the depths of the human souls of marginalized black and latino sub cultures. By telling this story based on true events that established, represent and characterize the culture; music, turntablism, dance, graffiti and fashion, my passion and desire is to Unite the Worldwide Community of Artists, Musicians, Fashion, Dance, Acting and Writing with those that live and embrace the Hip-Hop Culture in their own unique expression of its deeper inner meaning to them.

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