Birth of Scratching Vinyl Records

The invention of Scratching: The backdrop to Rappers’ Rythme!
Theodore Livingston a.k.a DJ Grand Wizard Theodore is credited for inventing the technique of “Scratching Vinyl Records”. At 12 years old, Theodore accidentally scratched his record after being startled by his mother. Today “Scratching” is considered an art form performed by djays and musical artists worldwide.

Behind The Scenes: Invention of Scratch: The backdrop to Rappers’ Rythme!

Hip Hop has evolved to new heights in recent years. Before the hip-hop industry got almost proliferated with rappers, it was the DJs that held the original front position in the whole hip-hop music scene. DJs were and still are the force with which the hip hop fuels its powerhouse; the industry would not have reached to worth billions of dollars had it not been for the Disc jockeys!

DJs create the groundwork that fires up the audience’s excitement, that makes the rappers rhyme and that creates a memorable event for hip-hop lovers! DJs began this culture of entertainment by creating techniques which have swayed people to be avid fans of hip-hop. They have contributed so much so that now the techniques in it have become almost like a musical art form.

One such technique was invented by Grand Wizard Theodore while he was playing the music just too loud in his living room. He aimed to turn the music down when his mother was beating the door down to make him turn off his music. In hindsight, when he played his recording again, he thought that he has created the new thing in the hip-hop music scene.

The technique came to be known as “scratching”. This technique is about moving the vinyl records, against the needle, in a backward and forward motion; the motion is not across but along the grooves. This technique has rejuvenated the turntable as a desirable instrument for both the ensemble and solo performances. This technique very much revitalized the hip-hop genre and it was a DJ that started it!
A DJ could be called a powerhouse of any hip-hop event. He has the control of the records, the amps and the speakers. He becomes the soul of the party. The rappers wouldn’t come out before the DJ has started doing his thing.

In order to map out the intriguing evolution of hip-hop and the associated culture, The Birth of Hip Hop has been designed to be the first ever original series that will present true stories about all the art forms that originated from the marginalized subcultures. These art forms relate to the broader manifestations of culture such as music, dance, art, and fashion.

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