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Birth of Hip Hop – Key to Entertainment

Life is all about dancing to the rhythm of the music! Don’t you agree? Well, everyone on this planet is a lover of music. Whether it is pop music or hip-hop music, different people have different taste in music. Like any other genre, hip-hop has its own history. Do you know when hip-hop music was born? Who was behind the birth of hip hop music?

It began thousands of years ago in Africa with the “Ancient Griots” who were village story tellers playing a simple handmade instrument while they danced and told stories at village events. The Griot was and still is a major form of communication in parts of Africa. This “talking” with music is Hip Hop’s most rudimentary form.

Hip-hop music has evolved in New York on Aug. 11, 1973, when A young Grafitti Artist turned DJay (later be crowned as the father of Hip Hop) Clive Campbell and his friend Coke La Rock decided to entertain guest with something different at a back to school party. However, they are not alone in introducing this genre of music. It has a number of fathers behind the popularity of this music style.

Hip Hop Popularity

Almost after four decades, hip-hop is now a multi-billion dollar industry, in which net worth of top earners is around $20 million a year. In recent years, rap has gone from various transformations and has created a different style of music in the world. The influence of this music can be felt in the form of arts, politics, academia, fashion, and films. No matter, if this music is quite old now, it is still vibrant and relevant as any other popular style of music. The true success of hip-hop is impossible to quantify. According to Forbes, there are many kings who are behind the success of hip-hop music. The talent and passion of various heroes like Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Wizzard Theodore, etc. have contributed in making hip hop what it is today.

In the independent music industry, every single artist becomes successful only after grinding for ages. The passion and creativity lead them to create history in the industry. Do you know what it takes to become a successful hip-hop artist?

Here are 5 keys to success for an independent hip hop artist

1. Understand the role of effective marketing

Everyone knows the importance of marketing. How essential it is in raising the profile of product and services among folks. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the basics of marketing. Even those rappers spamming SoundCloud links are useful in marketing. Furthermore, in a digital world, you can market your music by hitting up everyone on Twitter and YouTube with a link to your new single, or you can try various other solid marketing strategies. In the end, understanding the effective marketing will make all the difference.

2. Produce Regular Content

We are living in a digital world, where everyone is connected through online media. Therefore, to stay connected with the audience, you need to fetch their attention by creating content regularly. However, content not only means music. It can be social media updates, email marketing, newsletters, blog posts, etc., anything that can connect you with the audience. This is how you can make a successful promotion of your hip hop original series.

3. Focused Promotion Campaigns

Marketing is an overall strategy to promote your brand and music among folks. To make it successful, you can go for the promotion campaigns. If you want to get most out of your promotion budget, you need to follow a specific strategy. Further, you can go for the distribution channels for promoting the project. Well, it can be offline and online or both. Apart from this, you can go for the guest posts according to the target audience and can send out a personalized press release instead of spamming people with a generic message.

Bottom Line

To succeed in the world of music, you need to grind yourself every single day. Keep entertaining and keep celebrating the birth of hip hop music with the love and passion.

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