Birth of Hip Hop Art

International hip hop has become immensely popular over the course of time. Today, hip hop music is so popular that it has taken new forms of expression. At BOHH, we cover the birth of hip hop art and all the latest forms of expression of hip hop art to give you an overview of just how rapidly they are gaining popularity around the world. Perhaps the most popular form of expression of the art is what can aptly be described as hip hop 3d graffiti street art. Once considered vandalism, Graffiti is now universally considered a form of artistic expression. Hip hop graffiti has since then become immensely popular around the world and is regularly featured on various media.

However, hip hop hasn’t just affected graffiti artists. Birth of hip hop art has made an equally big impact on fine arts where some of the most renowned artists have paid tribute to the culture of hip hop by expressing it in their artistic work. Hence, fine arts has paved the way for a new chapter in hip hop culture that is becoming increasingly popular among fans of hip hop. Calligraphy is another popular art form that has wholeheartedly embraced the hip hop culture.

By blending traditional calligraphy with the world of hip hop, calligraphy artists have been able to herald the dawn of a new form of artistic expression that beautifully blends the two art forms together to come up with something original. Understandably, these various forms of hip hop art have become so popular over the years that they have grown into booming businesses.

Today, hip hop galleries attract hordes of arts enthusiasts who have the refined taste in art to appreciate the various forms of expression of hip hop culture. What started as a small idea has grown into a culture that has helped people to overcome differences like country, race or creed. Today, the various forms of artistic expression of hip hop culture unite millions of people around the world into one big family.
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