About Birth of Hip Hop

The Birth of Hip Hop will be the first Web Series of it's kind to depict the Evolution of its Culture that is permeating diverse populations across the Globe in an unprecedented fashion.

Our lmission is to chronicle the stories of its Icons of Creative and innovative pioneers and feature the broad conglomomerate of artistic forms of self-expression originated from the depths of the human souls of marginalized sub cultures.

By telling this story based on true events that established, represent and characterize the culture; music, turntablism, dance, graffiti and fashion, we will Unite the Worldwide Community of Artists, Musicians, Fashion, Dance, Acting and Writing with those that live and embrace the Hip-Hop Culture in their own unique expression of its deeper inner meaning to them.

Along with the traditional forms of utilizing local casting agencies and open "cattle calls", we will provide our subscribers through a unique casting experience the chance to land a role in one or more of our web series episodes. Birth of Hip Hop will post what are called "sides", which is a description of the role a specific character would play and grant them access to upload their audition on our sites casting pages.

We plan to create an ongoing "buzz" of excitement throughout social media strategically encouraging "online auditioning" and inviting subscribers to share the news throughout their local Hip Hop Community.

Our core missions to discover and mobilize Video and Filmmakers world wide to capture the Hip Hop experience. Their specialized fields of services will become defacto employees of the BOHH with the financial obligations of traditional monetary compensation.

We will then provide broad exposure through a global platform to those highly talented, creative and productive contributors that we select to fill important roles and perform duties encompassing a multitude of services rendered to the Birth of hip hop original series.

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