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5 Things every Underground Hip hop Artist Should Work On

Music is an art and in this world, not everyone is blessed with such creativity. If you are blessed with talent and looking for ways to get recognition as an underground hip hop artist, you need to understand that everything comes to you through hard work and dedication. Nothing is impossible to achieve, all you need is determination and the right strategy. To make it clearer for you, here are few tips you must check out for success in this industry.

Here are 5 things every underground hip-hop artist should work on

Give Your Supporters Something to Believe In

The life of a hip-hop artist is more than music. You need to connect with your audience every single moment. Make your struggle, life story, success, failure, etc. play a great role. This gives the people an opportunity to learn about you and understand who you are.  You can drop a few “cyphers” periodically and kick a few freestyles at your live shows. Further, you can share this on your social media account to increase fan following. Promotion for your music and acknowledging fan’s love and attention plays a great role in making your supporters believe in you.

You Need a Budget

The primary goal for every new artist is to find the ways for investing. In the beginning, it is difficult for a new artist to find the investors, so it is advisable to go for other options to invest in your self. In addition, you need to look for different ways to get sponsorship. Money rules in this profession, therefore, save some dough and prepare a budget to spend accordingly. You will require money for PR campaigns, marketing, fashion accessories, studio time etc., so it is advisable to prepare budget after considering everything. If you are planning to become a superstar but do not have money to invest in yourself, you have already lost a battle.

The Team

If you have a team that is as passionate as you are, that’s great! Success comes with teamwork, and if a team is partially dedicated, you will get only partial results, therefore, it is very important that everyone in your circle possess the same level of dedication and passion. In the end game, if you want to get successful, every team member has to share the same vision and should focus on the exact same mission.

Understanding Your Market

In the world of music, just knowing about hip-hop is not enough. You need to understand the market you are working in and must know the ways to make it work for you. The kind of style that’s in trend, what drives the audience to love hip hop music, these are the things that make you understand the market. Become familiar with the industry’s every move. If you don’t understand the market trends, you won’t be able to make strategies for success and will continue making the same mistakes. Therefore, it is important to learn about the market and build your strategy from there.

Marketing, Branding and Name Recognition

Every business requires marketing, branding, and recognition to build up a brand in this competitive world. The best advice you can get regarding this is pitched your music to the demographics that identifies with Hip Hop. You need to explore creative fields to promote your brand and engrave your essence into the hearts and minds of the audience. This is where social media plays a great role. Anyone can use the platform of social media to connect with the targeted audience and can easily market their brand and music. Further, you can upload your rehearsal videos, or few music lyrics on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Birthofhiphop.com to capture the attention of an audience. If everyone starts talking about you, they will definitely start listening to your music and the money will begin to flow!

Final Words

Success never comes without struggle. Always believe in yourself and never waver from that thought. It takes a long walk and you need to do what everyone else won’t do. Understand the changing trends of the market, then make your own. Formulate different ways to rule in this industry as an underground hip hop artist.

Be different – think different!

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