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5 Podcasts for Music Lovers

We’ve chosen 5 podcasts for music lovers. All who listen to podcasts on your way home from work or on your morning walk. Connect with the artists who have contributed so much in the musical world through podcasts. Music is the oldest form of art whose subject and content are always evolving. Music is a form of expression. A medium to connect with the emotions of the artist and relate it with their own. Therefore, Music is more than its rhythms and songs.

In conclusion, music podcasts have gained massive popularity. For example, it’s a means to learn more about the music, genres, and artists. Podcasts have many different categories so, the listeners gain new experiences  and most importantly, insightful opinions.

5 Podcasts for Music Lovers



  1. Vinyl Me, Pease

1. Vinyl Me, Please

Considered among the major success stories of the music world. When roommates Matt Fiedler and Tyler Barstow started sharing songs with each other on Spotify so, what they do? Built a community around music to share and preserve some of the best records, hence Vinyl Me, Please was created.


Along with releasing exclusive new records each month, VMP also extends its services for exciting podcasts which are hosted by the co-founder Tyler Barstow himself. Tyler is on a passionate mission to present us with a wide range of topics.  Discussing the best stories of the best artists in music. After every episode of the VMP podcast, your inner music geek will be satisfied.


  1. The Drummer’s Resource

2.The Drummer’s Resource podcast

If you’re looking for an extensive library in a drumming podcast, go straight to The Drummer’s Resource podcast produced by Nick Ruffini. This podcast will tick all the boxes for you if you’re into drummers and drumming. For instance, by providing weekly interviews with some of the greatest drummers, while also delivering excellent advice on certain topics from the world’s most admired drummers.


The Drummer’s Resource receives over hundreds to thousands of downloads per month and is the most loved drumming podcast in the world with its great selection of episodes.


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  1. The Ongoing History of New Music

3.The Ongoing History Of New Music

This programme was first aired in 1993 as a radio show and continues to be the most talked about the podcast. The Ongoing History of New Music is Canada’s most famous podcast hosted by the legendary music writer and broadcaster, Alan Cross.


The Ongoing History Of New Music gains popularity by its extraordinary selection of episodes which cover several topics revolving around the history of alternative rock universe to hip-hop and punk roots. Each episode of the programme features a famous musician or a band who then introduce us to their journeys and stories.


  1. Karaoke Theory

4.Karaoke Theory

Are you one of those people who love to pick up a mic and have all-night karaoke sessions with their friends and family? If yes, then Karaoke Theory will fuel your interest further by their podcast hosted by Anna Kealey & Justin Falcone. In short, KT delivers us the best episodes of karaoke reviews while exploring the various elements of karaoke culture. As a result, stirs our inner singing rockstar.


Although the last episode of Karaoke Theory came out in 2016 it still stays the most listened to podcast by singing and karaoke lovers.


  1. Song Exploder

5.Song Exploder

You cannot talk about music podcasts without mentioning the Song Exploder podcasts. This popular and legendary music podcast is created, hosted and edited by Hrishikesh Hirway.

The host brings to the table an impressive music artist or band in every new episode. In which they discuss the detailed creative procedure which goes in the making of a specific song. This podcast helps music lovers connect with their musicians on a deeper level. In addition, they will find out more about the songs they love and how their favorite musicians worked to put it together.


While there are several incredible collections of music podcasts to choose from, these were some of our favorites. If you’re a music lover, you’re always on the search for different alternatives to learn more about music and its artists, we hope that you found our selection worth your time.




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