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5 Graffiti Hip Hop Art Pages and Artists To Follow for Major Inspiration

Although widely synonymous with rap music, hip hop is much more than the popular tunes you listen to in a club. The full-on cultural movement that started in the 1970s Bronx is about style, art, dance, and philosophy depicting nothing else but life. The lack of economic opportunity and rising crime rates and poverty in the neighborhood compelled people, the ’70s Bronx youth created their form of creative cultural expression that gave rise to four pillars of hip hop:

  • DEEJAYING: making music using DJ mixers, turntables, and record players
  • RAPPING: rhythmic vocal rhyming style
  • GRAFFITI PAINTING: “graf” or “writing”
  • BREAK DANCING: an athletic dance style that involves immense styling and attitude

Street art and graffiti hip hop art is one such form of expression in hip hop that is wildly popular for pretty obvious reasons-

  • It’s highly accessible, unlike a contemporary art piece hidden in a tent or a white cube
  • It uses a vast range of vivid colors
  • It’s easy to interpret figuratively
  • Its bold, brave, and heavily inspired by society

With technology breaching and penetrating our society, it has become easier for fans and hip-hop art enthusiasts to learn about some hidden gems of the graffiti art world. In this blog, we talk about some rising creators and Instagram pages who are taking this urban art form above and beyond to inspire your feed:


This street artist has been turning heads with her signature red-lipped self-portraits based in Brooklyn, New York. One of her prominent showcases was her solo show at FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn. If you have been in the Brooklyn areas, chances are you must have come across her creative invasions of urban space over cardboard boxes and trash cans to abandoned furniture and curb mattresses.

Instagram Link: @SaraErenthalart


The Philly Graffiti Channel is a massive archive of over 25k+ posts of contemporary Philly wall writing and graffiti hip-hop art. Carrying a vast range of quick throw-ups to elaborate, vibrant pieces, the online network highlights Philly graffiti writers’ immense diversity and impeccable skills.

Instagram Link: @Phillygraffchannel


Going by the public name, Deedee was here; Deedee is yet another notable Brooklyn, New York-based artist popular for her unique style of bright collages featuring female subjects while depicting her inspiration from Banksy. Her signature is to add her artistry to poster advertisements found in the streets. One notable work is her contribution to Art Relief for Direct Relief for Puerto Rico.

Instagram Link: @Deedeewashere


Best known for his portraits of colorful abstracts of Londoners while fusing street-art elements with conventional techniques of oil and spray-paint works, this Hackney Wick-based graffiti artist also sells his print editions online with an Instagram following of 17,000+. One of his notable works would be Paradise at the Hoxton Basement.

Instagram Link: @Antcarver

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