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4 ‘90s Hip-Hop Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

The fashion scene has witnessed a major revival of ‘90s style and the hip-hop fashion trends from that decade are at the center of it all. This, however, shouldn’t come as a surprise; some of the most popular brands like Supreme and Off White have been built on the legacy of ‘90s hip-hop and urban fashion.

From baggy t-shirts to Timberland boots and Kangol hats, the ‘90s was arguably one of the most iconic fashion decades of all time. It was a time when streetwear truly thrived. Hip-hop artists like Run-D.M.C., N.W.A., and LL Cool J set their own styling rules that gave birth to trends that still continue to dominate our wardrobes today. It was an era that saw prominent rappers go from being musicians to fashion superstars who influenced a huge rise in the sale of baggy joggers and influenced every single boy band that came up during that time.

Here are some of today’s hottest trends that originated from ‘90s hip-hop fashion:

    1. Baggy t-shirts

Baggy t-shirts, a perpetual favorite among the fashion elite, can be traced back to New York City of the ‘90s. In fact, hip-hop fashion during the ‘90s and the late 2000s was mostly defined by baggy fits and long, oversize silhouettes. One of the reasons behind this was that most hip-hop artists, before they made it big, came from low-income families and would wear clothes that were handed down from older siblings and cousins.

    1. Bandanas

Gangsta rap was one of the biggest subgenres of ‘90s hip-hop, which led to the advent of paisley bandanas. The gang culture during this time was defined by three major inner-city gangs, namely the LA-based Bloods who wore red, the East Coast’s Crips who wore blue, and Chicago’s Latin Kings who wore black and gold. Now, the bandana trend has spread far and wide and is popular among festival-goers and lovers of the Y2K aesthetic.

    1. Denim on denim

Although denim on denim, also known as the “Canadian tuxedo,” is often associated with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ iconic looks at the 2001 American Music Awards, the trend finds its origins in the hip-hop culture of the ‘90s. Premium brands like Guess, Versace, and Moschino were creating fashion-focused designs while black-owned brands like FUBU and Phat Farm made denim an essential part of the decade’s hip-hop wardrobe.

    1. Air Jordans

Air Jordan 1, created by Michael Jordan in collaboration with Nike in 1984, is arguably what made sneakerhead culture as we know it today. But it was in the ‘90s when groups and artists like Bow Wow and N.W.A. sported the Jumpman that the Jordan Brand became a worldwide phenomenon. Now, sneaker culture has become bigger than ever, with luxury collaborations, quickstrike drops, and an extremely high resell value.

If you are looking to add a little bit of the ‘90s to your wardrobe, there are a plethora of styles for you to choose from.

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