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Welcome to the Birth of Hip Hop

A one-stop destination to everything related to the world of Hip-Hop. On BOHH, you get to take a first-hand glance at the world’s very first web series that covers the birth and evolution of Hip-Hop culture over the years.

Today, Hip-Hop has taken over the whole world like a frenzy and integrated into several popular cultures around the world including Music, Dance, Art, and Fashion. This popular culture has amassed a massive fan following around the world that has helped people unite under a single culture.

At Birth of Hip Hop, we take you back in time to the birth of Hip-Hop culture and chronicle its journey through the years. We also take an in-depth look at how popular Hip-Hop Culture has amassed such an enormous fan base over the years.

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BOHH also identifies the earliest pioneers and iconic artists of Hip-Hop culture, taking a look at their accomplishment and appreciating how they helped to foster the growth of a seemingly small idea into a massive global culture.

Ever since its inception, Hip-Hop is a culture that knows no geographical or cultural boundaries. It has seeped into various art forms such as Music, Dance, Art, Fashion and even lifestyle enrichening them with its unique style. Today, evolved into a culture of its own that has brought together people of different countries, races, ethnicity, and creed.

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BOHH’s Original Series follows a similar narrative. Our Web Series not only educates users about the popular culture but also gives them a sneak peek into the evolution of the culture and the people who have brought about this culture. What’s more, we may even offer one of our lucky subscribers the chance to be featured in our very own Original Series!

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