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    From Dreamer to visionary: ATANGA entices the globe with a smooth delivery and vibrant instrumentation as he takes him well over half a million listeners on a ride filled with lyrical bliss and soulful-funk.   “THE MOMENT I REALIZED IT WENT OVER HALF-A-MILLION I WAS LIKE OH-SHIT, BUT IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING AND THERE IS MUCH … Continue reading ATANGA

  • Cornbread Graffiti Pioneer Pt.1

      Darryl McCray is his name and the tag “Cornbread” is his claim to fame. Credited with being one of the first modern graffiti artists, Cornbread was born in North Philadelphia in 1953 and raised in Brewerytown, a neighborhood of North Philadelphia. During the late 1960s, Darryl McCray started doing graffiti in Philadelphia, by writing … Continue reading Cornbread Graffiti Pioneer Pt.1

  • Itching for a Scratch

    New 2017 TV- 14 SHORT FILM 7:10M An eleven-year-old Dj from The Bronx accidentally discovers the art of Scratching Vinyl Records.  Theodore Livingston a.k.a Grand Wizard Theodore who is credited for inventing the technique of “Scratching Vinyl Records”. Most Today “Scratching Vinyl” is considered an “Art Form” used by Djays and Musical Artist worldwide.  

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